Photon Lymph Therapy

Photon Lymph TherapyThe lymphatic system is a vital part of our circulatory system. It manages the elimination of toxins from our body and functions as the body’s primary immune defense. It contains over 600 collection sites called “lymph nodes”. When this system is blocked, we are defenseless against attacks by bacterias, fungus, and virus’. Bumps under the skin and pain are symptomatic of blocked lymph nodes, which result in a compromised immune system.

A instrument called the Lymphstar Pro, with it’s 3-part photon wave, is designed to help therapists painlessly reach and begin to decongest these areas. This keeps lymph fluid moving rather then stagnating, thereby reducing swelling and edema. In addition, results can increase the ability of your immune system to function at optimal levels. We invite you to experience a more efficient immune system with the advantages of Photon Lymph Therapy.