“My youngest son had reoccurring ear infections. After using Bio Energetic Assessment Testing he is now a healthy four year old. Thank you Harmony Health for helping my family with all of your knowledge, concern and dedication. I am truly grateful!” --Donna K.

“I had fibromyalgia. Using Bio Energetic Assessment I discovered I was suffering from energetic imbalances caused by chemical poisoning. Resulting nutritional protocols helped my body to heal itself. Thank you Harmony Health for being my life saver.” -- Martha H.

“Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Myal Facial Pain Syndrome, I experienced chronic pain, fatigue and resistor problems. Not getting results from prescribed drugs, I sought natural alternatives. Harmony Health helped me naturally eliminate toxins caused by candida yeast and heavy metals. Tremendous improvement resulted. I am forever grateful to these wonderful people.” -- Darla F.